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leadersindustry.jpgMEGA Swatch is an innovative product created for DIY’ers and contractors.

Up until now the only samples of granite and hardwood flooring available have been extremely small or too cumbersome. If you are deciding on new granite or marble countertops you need a large enough sample that can show you how it will look at the time of completion. When deciding on hardwood flooring you need a large sample to envision the entire room.

MEGA Swatch saw the problem and solved it with economical, easily transported, large swatches. Because these samples are yours, there is no rush to return them to a retailer or showroom. MEGA Swatches are sent through the mail in tubes maintaining their shape without creases and folds.

Looking for a new color for your cabinetry? MEGA Swatch thought of that too. Our handy full size cabinet front swatches in various stains and paints are perfect when deciding on a new color for your kitchen or bath. MEGA Swatch believes that by covering the entire cabinet front you can envision the entire space in the new stain or color. Multiples of any sample can be purchased in order to enlarge the covered surface.

MEGA Swatch is the leading producer and supplier of large format photo quality samples!

Order your swatches today and get started!

We stand behind our PATENTED TECHNOLOGY by offering a 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. Click to learn more.

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