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Curb Appeal


Many times I drive around the area I live in just to see what people have done to their homes. You would be surprised the changes you will find if you are looking!

I happen to live in a beautiful old community where each home is completely different from another, some dating back to the mid and late 1800’s. Many of the original homes were summer homes for the wealthy city dwellers. A place to spend those hot lazy days. What started as a large piece of property 100 years ago may have changed over time being divided several times to make room for more homes with smaller parcels of land.

Our little city took on the reputation of a wonderful place to raise children. Beautiful homes kept nicely by the owners that cherished them.



Now, let’s get to the topic at hand; curb appeal.

How a home appears from the curb has so much to do with how it is valued by the observer. It tells a story of the people that live there and the care they take. Are the grounds kept nicely, is there landscaping that enhances the look of the home, are the colors of the home appealing? These are some of the questions you will be asking yourself. You can pretty well guess that if the outside of the home is well kept, the inside probably is as well

Do you see signs of children? Many home buyers or observers are not fond of toys and bikes cluttering the yard and sidewalk.

Additions made on a building can be a good thing, meaning that the home as been enlarged to accommodate today’s standards.

Does the home have a warm and cozy look or a cold austere look? This also can be a sign of you will see inside.

A home that is appealing from the street not only enhances the neighborhood, but adds to the value of the home. 

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