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Cabinet Front MEGA Swatches

cabinet.jpgMEGA Swatch not only produces large granite and marble countertop samples, we have an entire line of cabinet front swatches. Our life size colored cabinet samples and wood stained cabinet swatches are engineered to cover the entire cabinet from top to bottom. This allows you to view the full effect without actually changing a thing. Still undecided, order multiples of the same swatch and cover all the cabinet fronts. Now stand back and enjoy the new color or stain from afar taking in all the aspects of this remodel.

Depth of color and tone can be tricky and lighting plays a big part in the colors we select to surround ourselves. Thinking you want dark cabinets in your kitchen? Using MEGA Swatch life size colored cabinet samples you can achieve the full effect. This experiment may change your mind. Covering existing cabinets with dark wood stained cabinet swatches will immediately give you the answer.

Making these decisions for your specific space can be difficult and stressful. A showroom cannot provide the same lighting as your unique space. What appears beautiful in the showroom setting may be a complete disaster in your home. These decisions need to be based on surrounding spaces as well as personal accessories and furniture choices.

So much of color presentation is based on the lighting. With natural light as well as manufactured lighting playing an integral part in the overall effect of any space, it is impossible to view these finishes in any other space than the area where they will permanently reside.

Want to see your kitchen or bath in a new light? Call today for your swatches.

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