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Difficult Design Decisions


Hardwood flooring is all the rage as you probably know. Homes that were lucky enough to be built with hardwood floors in the 1940’s and 1950’s can rest easy. Most homes had wood floors covered with wall to wall carpet or large area rugs, keeping the floors in comparatively good shape. To put hardwood into an existing home today is extremely expensive, especially if you are doing it after your house is constructed.

It was time to remove our original builder’s grade light cream colored carpeting. My replacement decision had to be made before we could move forward.

Re-carpeting with dark carpeting was out of the question. My entire décor is based on whites and cream colors with light under foot. Dark wood flooring was out of the question for the same reason.

Either I would have to replace it with a similar light colored carpet or try something completely new. We were replacing the carpet due to soils and stains. Cream colored carpet is difficult to keep clean and the addition of grandchildren escalates the problem.

I wanted something easy to maintain but light in color…very difficult to find.

The “Shabby Chic” white painted hardwood flooring was a major decision for us and the decision took a long time. I actually had to find the flooring online and take the picture to the flooring stores to explain what I wanted. Once I found someone that could order it….I was on our way.

I cannot say enough about how I love my new flooring. Easy to keep clean and stains wipe up with a damp rag.


Now I realize that few of you would be looking for white floors, but I wanted to show you a picture at the time of our installation.

The point I am making with this rambling is…..know what you want and go for it!

Don’t settle for anything short of what you want. I thought finding white wood flooring would be impossible, but with patience and the internet I was able to find several possibilities. Now in all fairness I must say that the price could have become prohibitive but I was willing to change my plans, leaving the bedrooms carpeted instead of installing hardwood. All the public spaces in our home have the new white flooring. I am so glad I stuck with my original plan.

I must admit there was a time when I got so discouraged that I thought I was going to have raw hardwood installed and then finishing it to get the look I wanted. Really glad that didn’t happen!

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