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Everything Old is New Again


The other day while perusing a popular women’s magazine I came across an article about giving a child’s birthday party.

Well, you can imagine my surprise when all the games were vintage games we played as children….long before electrical toys were around. There they were, blindfolded and trying to find the donkey to pin the tail too! Instead of sharing their I-pods they were sharing their friendship.

I also had to laugh at the decorations. After years of trying to find something different for my children’s parties such as going to the train museum, fire house, experiencing a puppet show and a real live clown….I found the children had the same amount of fun no matter where we went or what the cake looked like. I remember 35 years ago putting a cake together that looked sort of like a locomotive. I would have never made it on Master Chef. Of course since then the parties have become more and more outlandish!!

Celeb’s spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on their children’s birthdays while the average Joe goes overboard for their pocketbook as well.

Let’s talk about themes!  Actually can you have a party without a theme?  I don’t think so!


What about a Princess Party where everyone comes dressed to the ‘nines’ or a Tea Party where the mothers and daughters come dressed for the occasion? How about an American Doll Party……don’t get me started. When a dolls clothing cost more than mine….I know I am doing something wrong.


Anyway…..back to our vintage party. Balloons, paper tablecloth, candies displayed in cupcake paper baskets, a small bag of treats to take home, vanilla  ice cream and chocolate cake like grandma used to make.

Dropping clothes pins (what are those?) into a jar, kick the can and even bobbing for apples can be exciting to a child that has everything money can buy!

Parents, we need to stress the importance of relationships. That is the only thing that really makes a party fun. Playing and enjoying each other!

I did find the article amusing and it made me stop and think….”everything old is new again”!

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