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Granite & Marble MEGA Swatches

countertop.jpgLarge swatches for large jobs!

Planning on new countertops, make sure you have MEGA Swatches. Our product is a necessary element in the construction and remodeling community while assisting the homeowner in a difficult decision making process. MEGA Swatches are reasonably priced, affording every homeowner the ability to envision their new hard surface installation long before construction begins.

We understand that manufacturers and suppliers cannot provide large granite or marble samples to their customers due to the cost involved. Seeing a slab of granite or marble at a warehouse is not sufficient viewing to envision it in your unique space or lighted setting. We have spent years perfecting the technology needed to provide you with a swatch that actually matches the finished product. Through our photo technology and lab testing we have produced photo swatches that mimic the actual product in depth of color, tone and detail. Offering these large granite swatches and huge marble samples to you at a reasonable price, we believe we are making a difference.

Our large granite swatches will provide you the opportunity to view all your favorite granite patterns and make a stress free choice. Binders of multi patterns and color are available as well, giving you even more choices. Worried about what that marble will look like in your bathroom? Simply order MEGA Swatch huge marble samples and take the guesswork out of the equation.

We believe that MEGA Swatch is just what the industry has needed. If you are an interior designer or a home owner wanting to remodel or upgrade hard surface finishes, we have the answer for you…..MEGA Swatch!

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