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Features of Granite

Granite counter durability is one of the main reasons for the surge in popularity. Homeowners and contractors alike want a product that will last through time without scratching and staining. Low maintenance granite has become more affordable since the technological advance of the diamond saw, used in the mining of granite. No longer having to be mined by hand, the mining of granite has become more efficient and cost effective. Instead of a product used only by the wealthy, granite has become comparable in price to manmade solid surface products. Granite strength and durability has proven the test of time. Flooring, counter surfaces, column covers and wall décor are just a few of the interior spaces where granite can be found in historic buildings. The granite surface strength is second only to diamonds. Scratching the surface of a granite countertop is nearly impossible. Using the granite counter top for cutting will cause more damage to the knife than the surface itself.

The use of granite in exterior spaces has expanded to include counter surfaces, fountains, fireplace décor as well as wall covering. Historically, granite has been used for monuments that exist in the natural elements for hundreds of years. At one time, granite and wealth ran hand in hand, but with modern technology and advancements in mining tools, granite is now available at a reasonable price for the masses. With the durability and strength of the granite rock, it is no wonder this beautiful natural product is sought after by homeowners and builders alike.

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