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Granite Counter Care

Granite counter care is easy, making it desirable to home owners as well as restaurant and bar owners. Once polished the surface of granite is difficult to scratch. Cutting on the surface with a sharp knife will do more damage to the knife then the granite. The easy maintenance of granite countertops has made it the leading material chosen by homeowners and builders alike.

Popularity of granite has skyrocketed due to the technology of mining this natural material. Once mined by hand, this material was extremely expensive and only used by the wealthy. With technology came the invention of diamond saw. The mining time and labor was significantly reduced, making the granite less expensive and affordable to the masses. As the leading hard surface countertop material used today, home owners can enjoy the easy maintenance of granite countertops in their own homes. The strength and durability coupled with easy granite counter care explains the need exhibited by restaurant and bar owners for this material. When planning for heavy use, what better material than granite! Counters, bars and table tops will stand the test of time when covered with granite.

Granite counter care requires little more than a damp cloth. Mild soap can be applied for hard to remove spots. Because of the high density quality of granite, absorption of liquid is not a problem. Most countertop materials manufactured today will chip, scratch and stain under normal use. No wonder granite has become the countertop of choice!

Granite countertops will outlast other hard surfaces in your home. History has proved that interior and exterior granite décor, granite building materials and natural stone markers have stood the test of time, holding up for centuries even under adverse conditions.

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