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How is Granite Formed?

Granite is an igneous rock formed by volcanic action and consists mainly of quartz, silica, mica obsidian and feldspar with a blend of other natural minerals. The composition of granite varies from quarry to quarry.

Granite is the only natural stone suitable for kitchen countertops. This relates to its hardness, resistance to scratches and its minimal absorption. It can also be used for fireplace surrounds and vanity tops. Below are some general physical characteristics, which also vary by stone type. There are many theories about granite formation, all agreeing that granite was formed as the continents were emerging.

Granite formation occurs in the earth’s crust under a great deal of pressure and heat making the product we use today extremely scratch resistant. So, while a careless slip of the knife will scratch other solid surface countertops, it won‘t leave a mark on granite. Although granite is durable it is not totally scratch-proof, but close. Because granite was formed under conditions of extreme heat and pressure in the earth’s crust, the natural material we see today is unparalleled in strength, surface hardness and durability. The density of granite keeps the surface free from absorption. The qualities of this natural material make it the ultimate countertop product only enhanced by the affordable price.

Granite contains natural fissures, which appear as cracks. These visible hairline cracks are formed during the solidification process. Earthquakes or land movement can also cause fissures. Fissures are random and will vary from one type of granite to the next. This quality of surface irregularity and pattern has made granite a popular

Granite is polished to remove all scratches from the surface. Due to the methods currently used for finishing – abrasives and pressure in a circular motion – some small crystals will be removed leaving small voids in the surface polish. The size and frequency of this varies from stone to stone but should be expected.

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