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Let’s Talk Color


When starting on a new look for a room, it is always important to start with some idea of what you want. 

Are you looking for BOLD and BRIGHT, soft and serene or maybe even a neutral color scheme? All of these have qualities that evoke emotions. Once you know the direction you are going….choose a color scheme.

This may sound easy, but is the step that stumps many a DIY decorators.

Many times an inspiration piece can be helpful. For instance, a throw pillow or piece of fabric that you love could start your project and help you develop your color scheme.

I like to start with 3 colors. These may be analogous colors…meaning they rest alongside one another on the color wheel, or they might be primary colors. Complimentary colors make a great start for a color scheme, meaning they rest opposite each other on the color wheel.

I like to add a small amount of a 4th color to my scheme. Usually this is a complimentary color like orange to a blue color scheme or red to a turquoise color scheme. You are pretty safe if you stick to this manner in creating your scheme for your room.

Below is a color wheel that can help to guide you through the process. Try out your using paint chips. They are usually free and can be quite helpful. 


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