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Lighting a New Way


There are many ways to add drama to your home.

 Lighting happens to be one of my favorite methods. Lighting doesn’t have to be expensive, just adding a couple of lamps can change the entire feel of a room.

Simply adding under cabinet lighting in your kitchen can make the room appear warm and cozy.

Lights can make all the difference, changing a boring room into a romantic space.

During construction of a new home or remodeling an older home, cove lighting gives you indirect lighting that produces light without any harsh lamps.

By placing the lighting in a troth near the ceiling around the perimeter of a room, you can produce a soft soothing light throughout your room. Troth lighting would require major structural changes and could be quite expensive.




You can highlight an area with up-lighting or make a piece of artwork come to life using a wall-washer.

By placing a light fixture on the floor you cause the light to reflect everything above it.

 Putting an up-light beneath a large potted plant for example, you will cause the shadows to appear on the wall behind the plant and on the ceiling above the plant causing unusual patterns.

This causes the eye to see the plant in an entirely new way….lighting the side of the plant that would normally be in shadows.



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