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Mirror Mirror on the Wall


Have you ever wanted more natural light in a room, but couldn’t possibly break through a wall to add more windows or cut a skylight?


Mirrors can be your answer. If you place a good size mirror on the opposite wall of a window in your room you will capture the secondary light from that window making your room brighter not to mention looking bigger!

Mirrors expand the parameters of the room fooling the eye into believing the room is much larger and deeper than it actually is.

If you don’t care to spend a lot of money on expensive mirrors there is always the wall grouping. Peruse your thrift stores for picture frames of different sizes and shapes. You should be able to pick them up for a couple of bucks. Once you have collected enough frames to cover the space you are working with you are ready to pick a color to paint them. They should all be painted the same color to keep the eye viewing the wall as a unit. Now this gallery wall can be used for displaying anything, from photographs to fabric swatches….but we are going to fill it with mirror!


Mirror can be expensive, but if you are smart you can work around that. If you have any mirrors you no longer want, your local glass company can cut it up to your specifications. Keep your eye out for cheap mirrors everywhere. Once you have collected enough mirror to fill your frames you are ready to hang the wall! Always lay out your arrangement on the floor where you can move pieces until you get the look you are after. It would be a good idea to draw out your arrangement to refer to as you are hanging them.

Notice the difference that wall makes when looking at the entire room. Reflected light and devious tricks to fool the eye making all the difference in your décor.

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