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Trash to Treasure


Do any of you enjoy making something new out of something old? Junk is what we are talking about.

There are many creative ladies and gentlemen out in Cyberland doing just that. Instead of throwing away…they find a new way to use it. I have found many blogs that could be helpful as inspiration and thought I would mention only a few. These are some of the best and I am sure you will enjoy their posts.

First there is Funky Junk Interiors :http://www.funkyjunkinteriors.net/ . Donna is a single mother raising her son while making a living repurposing junk. Her home is a tribute to her creativity. She has found uses for old dirty wooden flats, normally thrown away, vintage signage long past its prime, even old beat up ladders. She uses her power tools with ease and encourages others to try it. Constantly keeping her eye out for inexpensive furniture and junk, she has made a business for herself. You can’t help but be intrigued by this lady with so much energy and creativity. Check out her blog and you will be going back again and again.


The second Blog I would like to introduce you to, Miss Mustard Seed: http://www.missmustardseed.com . Marian has turned her talent into a lively and popular business. She has recently written a book, developed a line of paint, been featured in multiple magazines and on HGTV. What started as a passion for upcycling old furniture has turned into to a MEGA Business! Once she discovered that her finished pieces were drawing attention, she opened her room at a phtopular Antique Store. The rest is history. 

 Marian started by furnishing her home with inexpensive pieces she found at Thrift Shops and Garage Sales. Her talent for color, texture and design is apparent in all of her pieces. Her paint line is “Milk Paint” used to reproduces that old vintage look to your wooden piece. Check out her home for more inspiration!


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