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Budget Minded

Don’t make a bad decision based on a small sample, choose MEGA Swatch!

Deciding on new granite or marble countertops for your kitchen or bathroom? The first problem you will confront is finding a sample. Most manufacturers or retailers cannot provide their customers with budgetminded.jpgsamples due to the cost of the material. The mining, cutting and polishing cost of natural granite and marble is excessive not to mention the shipping charges. In most cases the largest sample, if any, offered a consumer is by all standards extremely small; a chip or broken section at best.

MEGA Swatch is providing money saving swatches that are large enough for you to cover your entire countertop giving the maximum visual impact. Binders of granite patterns and colors give the consumer all the choices at their fingertips. How devastating to find that your selection made from a small sample is not at all the way you pictured it. MEGA Swatch can take that burden off your shoulders by giving you huge 20” X 27” swatches of granite patterns and colors enabling you to make an educated choice.

When searching for bathroom renovation ideas or efficient kitchen remodel ideas, think MEGA Swatch. Our budget minded product is exactly what you need to take the stress out of the decision making process while assuring you of a satisfactory result.

Small samples for small decisions…..MEGA Swatch when it really counts!

100% money back guarantee.

We stand behind our PATENTED TECHNOLOGY by offering a 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. Click to learn more.

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