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Easily Transported

easilytrans.jpgIf you have ever investigated changing your countertops or possibly the cabinetry in your kitchen or bathroom, you know that getting samples to take home can be a real challenge. Granite and marble samples are very small, usually chips from completed jobs. It would be far too costly for the contractor to cut into a large piece of marble or granite for sampling purposes. Now you are left with this tiny piece of material to judge what your entire kitchen or bath will look like with this new surface installed. That can be a monumental task! MEGA Swatch takes the guess work out of the process. With our 24” large sample swatches you are able to cover your existing countertops and view how your kitchen or bath will look when job is complete.

Changing color or installing hardwood flooring has challenges of its own. Hardwood flooring color samples can vary between distributors. Actual samples of hardwood flooring are heavy and hard to manage. Retailers are reticent to lend their samples since they have a limited supply. MEGA Swatch has solved that problem as well. Our large sample swatches and binders are easily carried and provide a wide variety of colors for your selection.

Whether you are an interior designer or a homeowner in the process of remodeling, our large sample swatches will make the job easier. Binders of granite, marble, hardwood flooring and cabinet colors are large, light weight, easily managed and inexpensive. Purchase a single large paper swatch of granite or a binder of multiple granite finishes and start looking at your remodeling project through fresh eyes.

When starting from scratch you may want to purchase the entire designer package that will give you large sample swatches of granite and marble countertops, hardwood flooring finishes and cabinet color choices.

Feeling confident about your choices makes the remodeling process enjoyable.

We offer a 100% money back guarantee. Take the stress and mystery out of remodeling...try MEGA Swatch today!

We stand behind our PATENTED TECHNOLOGY by offering a 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. Click to learn more.

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