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Readily Accessible

readilyaccess.jpgThe MEGA Swatch solution is easy and inexpensive!

Whether you are just wondering what a new finish might look like in your home, or you are seriously considering new granite countertops, hardwood floor finishes or cabinet colors for your kitchen or bath, MEGA Swatch is here to assist you. Our large MEGA Swatches can take the stress and mystery out of the selection process. Once purchased, these swatches are yours to view as long and often as necessary to make your decision. Our binders of multi patterned granite or marble will help you select a product to compliment your personal taste. If you are just wondering what granite or marble might look like in your kitchen or bath, take advantage of our individual large swatches. They are made to completely cover your existing countertop, front to back. Order three or four and cover your entire countertop area to get the ultimate visual impact.

Our patent pending hardwood MEGA Swatches can provide you with the information necessary to make an educated guess. By using three or four identical MEGA Swatch hardwood floor finish swatches you are able to cover an area large enough to get the true feeling of how the flooring will impact the room.

Our cabinet color swatches are just as helpful. Actual cabinets were photographed in various finishes and our swatches are large enough to completely cover one section of your cabinetry. By purchasing several MEGA Swatches of the same color you will be able to see the end result long before the work begins.

MEGA Swatch is offering you a product that is easily accessible, light in weight, budget minded besides being large in size. We believe that our product is an extraordinary resource for the construction industry answering many of the needs of consumers, interior designers and DIY homeowners.

Investigate your next remodeling project with the help of MEGA Swatch and check out our 100% money back guarantee!

We stand behind our PATENTED TECHNOLOGY by offering a 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. Click to learn more.

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