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Size and Accuracy

sizeaccuracy.jpgThe task of picking any hard surface product is not easy. The tiny granite or marble samples furnished by a contractor or retailer are hardly sufficient to envision replacing existing with all new granite counters or marble countertops. MEGA Swatch large samples are counter depth and can be ordered in multiples. By simply taping MEGA Swatch samples to the existing countertop surface you are able to view the kitchen or bath the way it will look once the actual material is installed.

MEGA Swatch has compiled a wide variety of granite patterns that have been photographically reproduced in our huge swatches. Taking into account the assorted variations that can appear in one piece of granite or marble, we have made certain our swatches are reflective of these variances. Our research has shown that most granite and marble falls into certain categories. Manufacturers name their products differently even though the patterns may be the same. Our staff has investigated these variances and produced a comparative list of color and pattern names. This should assist you when shopping for a particular color or pattern. Our accuracy in color and pattern is what puts us out in front. You can be sure that what you see in our granite and marble samples is exactly how your finished product will appear.

The MEGA Swatch cabinet front color swatches are actual size, making them convenient for you to get the entire picture of what your kitchen or bath will look like once installed. The large samples can be taped to the existing cabinet front giving you the feel of how the room will look once the color or finish is complete.

Flooring samples have been traditionally heavy and cumbersome to transport forcing the customer to take only one or two samples to preview. In most cases these samples have to be returned quickly, not allowing the customer sufficient time to make a decision. MEGA Swatch provides you with large samples or multiple samples, light in weight and easily managed. A binder of hardwood flooring samples can allow you to view all the options available. Since all swatches are photographed from the actual materials, you can be sure that the colors are true and reflect the finished product.

Purchase one or multiples of the stained flooring samples you are considering and stand back and view from afar. Cover a large portion of the floor giving you a better understanding of how this will change the feel of the room.

When taking on an expensive project like countertops, cabinetry or hardwood flooring, you need the best resources available.

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