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Working Around the Quilt


If you like working with fabric and quilting you will want to visit Missouri Star Quilt Co. Not only do they have great designer fabrics, but Quilter’s Daily Deals…..that I often take advantage of.  For instance, today they had regularly $39.00 Jelly Rolls…for $20.95! That is a 46% savings and we all can use a saving like that. Visit  http://www.Missouriquiltco.com here. I have ordered from them many times and have always been happy with my purchases.

When decorating your home, a personal touch is always so welcoming. Everyone can purchase their decorative items, but a creative person can produce their own. A discarded piece of wood from an old dresser might be turned into a shelf to hold some of those cherished mementos. Turn grandma’s torn quilt into throw pillow for your quest room.

I want to mention when redecorating my quest bathroom, I decided I would make my own shower curtain. Wanting something different and unique which has always appealed to me, I started browsing through magazines and online for an idea. Well, I came across this blog with a great post about that very thing.  http://makelyhome.com/

The post http://makelyhome.com/?s=quilt+shower+curtain  gave me just the inspiration I needed to follow through with my plan. I have my fabrics picked out….now all I need to do is start sewing.             


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